Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tragedy, Disaster, and Unrelenting Hatred

I had originally intended to write a long detailed post on Butyric Acid this week, but current events have taken over.
While most people's thoughts are with everyone in Japan, the deceased, the homeless, people who've just witnessed their entire life erode away before them... while most people can empathize on some level, even if it's just through CNN or BBC... there are some who think this is some sort of "karma".
Anti-whalers never cease to amaze me in how low they will sink. How utterly and completely their hate engulfs them. But even this is a new and terrible low.

What follows are a few screenshots taken in about 5 minutes from Facebook.
Japanese posters have already made an even more comprehensive compilation from twitter.

If you're wondering how I got some of these, try searching yourself.
What I captured here is a very small sample, as the screenshots show, for the most part I can only grab statements made in the last 2 or 3 hours.

Addendum March 13:
Japan Probe has more examples interspersed with statements about Pearl Harbor. There is no limit to this stuff.
Japan Probe has also put up a poem by Paul Watson, titled Tsunami, about "The seas fearful wrath".
Neptune’s voice rolled like thunder thru the sky
Angrily he smote the deep seabed floor
From the shore echoed mankind’s mournful cry
The sea rose up and struck fast for the shore

From out of the East with the rising sun
The seas fearful wrath burst upon the land
With little time to prepare or to run
Against a power no human can stand


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    Brad Alan Whitehead
    I think by now many are starting to realize the seriousness of this modern neurosis and psychopathic behavior of so-called "animal lovers". You will see hoarders, hypocrites, self hating and more, but at the heart of it are people who want... to hurt others as a proxy revenge for the pain and fear they subject themselves to. They have lost faith in themselves and humanity because they are living in a fictitious world fabricated by forms of media who only want to sell them products to "correct" their supposed imperfections.

    Any question of this is quickly answered when you see the solipsistic attitudes that so easily point fingers and hatred at a people who are the same in every way as we are - they are our fellow beings more than any other animal on this planet. For over half a century they have been one of our greatest allies.

    Now while they suffer, anyone who would wish them harm is a coward and not even human. These people do not empathize with animals because they suffer, they look for an excuse to perpetuate misery and are in love with hatred and will look for any excuse to cause harm.

    Also, those who would rant that they understand "karma" would understand that an event like this will cause the need for whaling to RISE. So if anyone really wanted to end whaling, offering a hand of compassion would do far more than spewing idiotic statements that only prove to stray away from such idiots and their half baked ideas.See More
    10 hours ago ·
    Hunter Shaffer Brad, with the disaster and all happening, not going to refute that and argue with you. There are bad animal activists, doesn't mean that all of them are bad.
    8 hours ago ·
    End EcoTerrorism Not all, but is very pervasive and widespread.
    8 hours ago ·

  2. Yugo Mauser The truth is too unsettling for most to look at or care; it interferes with the socializing.
    11 hours ago

  3. Susan Michalec Racism at its finest. Truly sick puppies.
    4 hours ago ·

  4. please make a new post summarizing the information you posted to JapanProbe.

    The social micropayment website Flattr donated my money to Sea Shepherds without permission, calling it a "charity". I don't think they know the truth about Sea Shepherds.

  5. Those people are horrible, but not every anti whaler is like that. So grouping everybbody who actually care about the whales and those idiots is just immoral.

  6. I don't think anyone said "every" anti-whaler is like that.
    However, it is an over-arcing issue in the entire anti-whaling movement; which is rather infamous for it's reliance on hate rhetoric, hate symbols, and mean-spirited stereotypes that seem to be aimed at attracting racists and deliberately fomenting racism.

    You can try to downplay these issues; but until they're rectified people like me will just continue to point out how the entire movement at large is based in an obsession with denigrating Asians more than it's ever been about whales.

    As for immoral, I think it's odd that your idea of immorality is pointing out the underlying hate rhetoric in a movement. Most people would find the immoral part being the hate rhetoric itself -- but you don't take issue with that, you're more interested in trying to paint the whistle blowers like myself as evil.